QualitecFarma®, S.L. was created at the end of the year 2000 with the aim of providing highly qualified services to the pharmaceutical and bio-sanitary industry in order to give support to all their needs. The company’s field of work focuses on the area of regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, strategic business development and search for business opportunities for our clients.



The company always pretends to be a reference in the sector, by management under a total quality standard and continuous improvement.

➢ Awareness in the practice of a free-mistakes work and loyal compromise with the company and with the activities developed.

➢ Improvement in competitiveness and quality versus other companies in the sector.

➢ Offer a high-quality service, with dynamism, thanks to a smooth communication with our clients.

➢ Take in a responsible manner all functions needed to give a quality service, thanks to multiple functions needed for the development of all of them.

➢ Create a favourable environment for personal and professional development of the staff.



Compliance with all applicable requirements, clients, interested parties, legal and other general requirements that apply to our services.

➢ Define in a clear manner the service to be carried out according to punctual needs of the client.

➢ Works, process and strategies planning.

➢Continuous improvement in documents management.

➢Establish collaboration areas with other entities or companies that could be interesting.

➢ Optimize costs and questioning results, regarding the satisfaction level of our clients and interested parties

➢ Maintaining a high level of training and motivation for all our staff; so that knowledge and client- focused service, are the key of the trust on us.

➢ Compromise with Quality and continuous improvement.

The Directorate of QualitecFarma spreads this policy to the entire organization; and allocates the necessary resources for employee training, the understanding and compliance with this policy

Qualitec Certificate IQNet and Aenor