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Partnership with FORUM Institut

The FORUM Institut für Management GmbH, founded in 1979 in Heidelberg (Germany), is an international group of institutes that concerns itself with the training of corporate specialists and executives in the private and public sector at the national and international level.

Success of FORUM Institut seminars and symposia is guaranteed by careful choice of first-class speakers, current topics, high-quality seminar materials and excellent on-site support.

FORUM Institut offers both sectoral courses, e.g. for the pharmaceutical, banking or energy industries and functional courses on subjects such as marketing, quality control etc.

So far, more than 500,000 professionals and executives from all European countries and the USA have participated in FORUM Institut events since its foundation. Around 25,000 professionals attend more than 1,500 events of the FORUM Institut “per annum”.

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Dr. Ulrich, general manager FORUM Institut