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About the company

Qualitectrials® is a highly qualified clinical support services company, focused on clinical research and processes for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry through long last B2B relationships with a high added value.
We offer a fully integrated R&D support for Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials in different therapeutic areas, with more than 18 years of experience in clinical trials management and following the highest quality standards.
A global network in managing international clinical projects in each EU country with proof experience.
Qualitectrials® was born with the aim to support the clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, at a local and international level, commit to the success and increase the pharmaceutical company value and assets.

Qualitectrials® is part of a group of companies working in the development of the pharmaceutical industry with QualitecFarma® and with worldwide operations. The group Qualitecfarma/Qualitectrials cover the value chain of the products from development up to market access procedures and business plans. In this effort we believe in the high standards necessary for this huge investments and we are confident and proud to be part of the process whether it is with early clinical development or up to finished product regulatory procedures until the market access strategies in different, reimbursed or not, government environments


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