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Food supplements

QualitecFarma® also develops its activity working with companies dealing with food supplements, dietetic products, novel foods, parapharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and, in general, with products whose use and regulation is getting closer day after day to the rigid rules and regulations governing pharmaceutical products.

Technology moves forward faster than regulation and the strict regulations applied nowadays to all products for human use make difficult to launch certain products when their classification is hampered by the technology applied. The compliance and unawareness of these legal requirements sometimes makes the commercial strategy and launch of some products find obstacles in the process.

QualitecFarma® provides support to the companies for the registration, authorization and notification of placing on the market for products that, without being medicinal products or medical devices, or even cosmetic products, require very strict approaches of registration and approval for granting their authorization by the Health Authorities.

We evaluate and study the possibilities of authorization and marketing for the products based on the applicable regulations, determining their legal viability.